Game Team Summary 2018

This is the post excerpt.


As my second time in game dev class, I wanted to try and work on a game of my creation this time around, about a week of coming up with ideas I thought I could use some help on deciding what platform I should work on for my game, so I decided to consult both hoa and muigel on what kind of game I should work with my current level of knowledge on making games. Once I made my choice, I decided to get to work.


The first few weeks if game dev class, I mostly been trying to flesh out the game I wanted to work on, the first thing I tried doing was a bit of character design and go from there.


But as time passed by I reached a bit of a wall I could not quite reach at the moment, while I had a concept it didn’t go much further then current character design, and with a lack of skill needed and a team, I decided to switch gears and work on Bostoms game Since I helped work on it last semester doing designs for his weapons, for next few weeks I worked on all the characters designs for the games main playable characters, which was a bit of an experience since I wasn’t very use to drawing cartoony/stylized human characters, they turned out better than I thought they would, as the weeks passed by I was asked to to do a 3d model of one of the weapons for the game,


but as the weeks passed and the ame event on the horizon, I wasn’t able to go further from there.


Naturally since his game wasn’t chosen, everyone’s attention was diverted to the games chosen to by in the event, by this time I felt confident enough in my modeling skills to do 3d work


I was asked to make a gate for the and ramp for the (insert game here),


The Gate was finisned but as was short and the game changed, there was no need for the ramp.


The last thing I worked on was one of my more detail oriented models, and teleporter for the game Residuuum, which was a very enjoyable model to work with,


Things I learned:


  1. The overall process to working on a game and what’s needed to get it done
  2. I beefed up my skill in designing characters.
  3. Learned to communicate a bit more with others to get the work done on time, which was a bit of a challenged the first few weeks.
  4. Got more experience in terms of modeling, as I got more confident, I was actually able to work faster on my models, so that was really helpful.